Bốn Chữ Lắm by Trúc Nhân and Trương Thảo Nhi


Song (the music video is pretty cool)


Vietnamese Lyrics

Yêu là đau, thương là đau sao chờ mong 
Người đi về đâu vẫn nhớ về 
Tình là có không khi nào. 
Tay cầm tay, thương là thương 
Sao chờ mong ngày mai ai biết ra sao 
Người có đi xa tận phương trời. 

Nắng trong mưa tìm nhau 
Chờ một ngày yêu thương lả lơi 
Nói cho nhau một câu 
Để từng ngày ta thôi còn trông ngóng 
Trái tim thôi ngủ yên 
Để từng đêm ta say triền miên 
Để đêm nay ngừng trôi 
Một mình anh nơi đây vẫn thao thức 

Yêu lắm... 
Thương lắm... mà xa lắm... đau lắm... 
Ai buồn... Ai buồn... Em buồn... Vì ai 
Yêu lắm... 
Thương lắm... mà xa lắm... chứ đau lắm... 
Ai chờ... mong chờ... em chờ đợi anh 
Na na na na na na na...

English Lyrics

Love is pain, affection is pain; how can we hope to wait
People who leave home still miss home
Love is never feeling lonely1 (?)
Hand in hand, affection is affection 
How can we hope to wait for an unforseeable future
People have gone as far as the sky2

Rain or sunshine3, we'll find each other
Wait for the day when we can love and care for each other
Say to each other one sentence
Every day that I wait lasts forever (?)
My heart quietly sleeps
Every night I drink an endless river of alcohol
Let this night stop drifting away
Being alone is making me restless4 (?)

Lots of love...
Lots of affection...but lots of distance...lots of pain...
Who's sad...who's sad...I'm sad...That's who
Lots of love...
Lots of affection...but lots of distance...certainly lots of pain
Who's waiting...waiting hopefully...I'm waiting for you


  1. I might be translating too loosely
  2. “trời” either means “sky” or “heaven” but I thought translating it to “heaven” was a bit morbid for a song that’s kind of cutesy
  3. “Nắng trong mưa” literally translates to “sunshine in rain” but I didn’t think that’s what they were trying to say
  4. Not sure how to translate “thao thức”.  One source said “restlessness” but another didn’t have any translations

Other Notes

The title of the song literally translates to “The Four ‘Lot’ Words”.  It’s referring to the chorus when the singers say “lots of love/affection/distance/pain”.  I like translating newer songs because the lyrics are generally more straight forward, repetitive, and simple (at least in the two songs I’ve done).  But I’ll be sure to go through some more classic songs as well because those are the ones my family likes.


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