Việt Nam! Việt Nam! by Phạm Duy




Vietnamese Lyrics

Việt Nam Việt Nam nghe từ vào đời 
Việt Nam hai câu nói bên vành nôi 
Việt Nam nước tôi. 

Việt Nam Việt Nam tên gọi là người 
Việt Nam hai câu nói sau cùng khi lìa đời 
Việt Nam đây miền xinh tươi 
Việt Nam đem vào sông núi 
Tự do công bình bác ái muôn đời 

Việt Nam không đòi xương máu 
Việt Nam kêu gọi thương nhau 
Việt Nam đi xây đắp yên vui dài lâu 
Việt Nam trên đường tương lai, 
Lửa thiêng soi toàn thế giới 
Việt Nam ta nguyện tranh đấu cho đời 

Tình yêu đây là khí giới, 
Tình thương đem về muôn nơi 
Việt Nam đây tiếng nói đi xây tình người 
Việt Nam! Việt Nam! 
Việt Nam quê hương đất nước sáng ngời 
Việt Nam! Việt Nam! Việt Nam muôn đời

English Lyrics

Vietnam, Vietnam! The first words you hear in life
Vietnam is the first words you speak
Vietnam is my country.

Vietnam, Vietnam! The name calls to you
Vietnam is the last word you speak when you pass away
Vietnam is where the young and attractive are 
Vietnam is the rivers and mountains
Freedom, equality, and humanity for everyone

Vietnam doesn't want violence
Vietnam calls for peace and love
Vietnam will build1 a long-lasting happiness (?)
Vietnam is on the path towards the future
The sacred fire2 illuminates the entire universe
Vietnam, I pledge myself entirely for you

Love here is our weapon
Affection will bring us everywhere3 (?)
Vietnam is the word to build a kind person
Vietnam! Vietnam!
Vietnam is the homeland that shines brightly
Vietnam! Vietnam! Vietnam is all of life


  1. Couldn’t find a translation for “đắp yên” but I think what I have gets the general idea
  2. Not sure if this is referring something from Vietnamese folklore or if I translated it wrong
  3. Not sure how to translate “muôn nơi”.  Pretty sure it means “everywhere” but then the sentence doesn’t make much sense :/

Other notes

I asked my mom what her favorite Vietnamese song was and this was the first thing she could think of.  She said it wasn’t her favorite though just what popped into her head.  Still, it’s a pretty simple and repetitive song so it was quick to translate.  It’s very patriotic and what I imagine hippy songs in Vietnam were like during the war.


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