Về Đâu Mái Tóc Người Thương by Hoài Linh


Song (didn’t listen to all of them but I like Quang Le’s version)


Vietnamese Lyrics

Hồn lỡ sa vào đôi mắt em 
Chiều nao xõa tóc ngồi bên rèm 
Thầm ước nhưng nào đâu dám nói 
Khép tâm tư lại thôi 
Đường hoa vẫn chưa mở lối 

Đời lắm phong trần tay trắng tay 
Trời đông ngại gió lùa vai gầy 
Lầu kín trăng về không lối chiếu 
Gác cao ngăn niềm yêu 
Thì thôi mơ ước chi nhiều 

Bên nhau sao tình xa vạn lý cách biệt mấy sơn khê 
Ngày đi mắt em xanh biển sâu, mắt tôi rưng rưng sầu 
Lặng nghe tiếng pháo tiễn ai qua cầu 

Đường phố muôn màu sao thiếu em 
Về đâu làn tóc xõa bên rèm 
Lầu vắng không người song khép kín 
Nhớ em tôi gọi tên, chỉ nghe lá rơi bên thềm

English Lyrics

My soul is lost in your eyes
Every afternoon when you sit by the blinds, swaying your hair (?)
I secretly wish but dare not say
That you stop closing your heart again (?)
The easy path1 still isn't available 

Life has left me very empty-handed2 (?)
The fearful winter winds blow on my thin shoulders 
The private moon returns but doesn't shine (?)
A tall barrier divides our love 
Then I'll stop dreaming so much

When we're near each other why are you so distant, giving us 10 thousand reasons to break up
The day you left your eyes were the color of the deep ocean, mine were sadly welling up with tears
Silently listening for the sound of firecrackers sending off someone across the bridge

The many colors3 of the streets seem different without you (?)
Where did you go, the hanging hair by the blinds
The empty apartment floor doesn't have anyone there 
Missing you I call your name, but I only hear the leaves falling on the terrace 


  1. The literal translation of “Đường hoa vẫn chưa mở lối” is “The flower streets still haven’t opened up” but I don’t think the composer meant literal streets with flowers.
  2. “trắng tay” literally translates to “white hands” but the meaning is closer to “empty handed” (Kind of like how being caught “red-handed” doesn’t mean the person’s hands are literally red)
  3. I’m really confused how to translate this sentence.  I understand each of the words individually but don’t understand how they fit together. Literally the sentence translates to “The streets many colors how missing you”

Other Notes

My dad told me that this song was about a guy who was essentially homeless (ex: wind blowing on his thin shoulders, living life empty handed) but fell in love with a girl who lived in an apartment but one day moved out.  The title of the song translates to “Where did you go, the hair of someone I loved?”


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