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Tình Thôi Xót Xa by Bảo Chấn



Lyrics (I got the lyrics from another source because they didn’t match 100%)

Vietnamese Lyrics

Từ khi quen em...anh đã biết bối rối 
Vì những lúc thoáng nghe em cười 
Anh đã biết con tim hoa xuân hé nụ 
Người yêu ơi...xin em chớ quên 
Mùa xuân trên cao và hoa lá lấp lánh nắng 
Nụ hôn thơ ngây trao em rồi 
Em yêu kiều thướt tha cho hồn đắm say 
Cuộc tình ngỡ dài lâu ngủ sau vòng tay êm ái. 

Anh nào biết...anh nào có hay 
Hạnh phúc trôi qua tay giấc mộng tàn 
Lòng cay đắng khi em quên lối hẹn 
Lời yêu rồi thương em đã quên (đã quên) 
Nhưng lòng anh nuôi hoài ước mơ 
Tình sẽ không phôi pha như làn mây 
Có nhiều đêm trong mơ anh vẫn chờ...chờ em đến 
Tình thôi xót xa

English Lyrics

Since I've gotten to know you, I know I'm confused1
Because the many times I quickly hear you laugh
I already know the spring flowers in my heart are blossoming
Oh my love...please don't forget
Spring is on top2 and the foliage sparkle in the sunlight
I gave you your first kiss3 (?) 
You love praying gracefully and devoting yourself (?) 
I believe love is sleeping for a long time in your arms, oh

Which man knows...which man is good
Happiness flows through my hands like a crumbling dream
My heart is resentful4 and bitter when you flake
You already forgot my loving words (already forgot)5 (?)
Yet my heart harbors endless dreams
That love will not fade like a cloud
There are many nights in my dreams where I'm waiting...waiting for you to arrive
Ending love creates long-lasting pain


  1. “bối rối” can mean either “embarrassed”, “confused/puzzled”, or “troubled”. Not entirely sure which meaning the artist is using
  2. Not entirely sure what “Mùa xuân trên cao” translates to.  “Mùa xuân” is “Spring” and “trên cao” means “high above/on top” but I have no idea how the two words relate
  3. Not sure what that line means.  “Nụ hôn” means “Kiss”, “thơ ngây” means “naive” or “inexperienced” and “trao em rồi” means “gave to you already”.  I’m going to assume the singer gave his love an innocent kiss, like a first kiss
  4. “Cay” usually means “spicy” but I think in this case it can mean “resentful” or “indignant”
  5. Not sure if the singer is saying that the girl forgot his loving words or if she forgot how to say loving words


My brother actually requested this song.  It’s not a classic song (which I consider pre-1990s) but it’s not a new song either.  If I understand the wiki page for the composer (which is a pretty big if), the song is from 2004 so I didn’t label it by date published.  The title of the song is also the last line.